About the Photographer

I am a biologist and physician who has been fascinated with the natural world since I was a child. I have written two nature books (The Naturalist's Year and Velvet Mites and Silken Webs) and co-authored a more technical book, Self-Organization in Biological Systems. In 1978, I received an M.D. degree from Harvard, and in 1993 a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior from Cornell University. I am fascinated by the beauty and complexity of our living world, and have devoted a portion of my career to studying honey bee behavior. Currently, my work is divided among the care of emergency room patients, digital photography, lecturing and writing. The rest of my time is devoted to my children, woodturning and enjoying the natural world. In addition, I have traveled to places such as Nigeria, Guatemala and Bolivia to provide volunteer medical care.


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